Craft Shop

Michael Zobel and his Team are looking forward to your visit at Kreuzlinger Straße 50 in the city of Constance.

Michael Zobel Annick Schmuckdesign Werkstattladen

It all began over 49 years ago in the building opposite, in Michael Zobel’s first workshop in the city of Constance, and thus it is almost a homecoming when now the jewels are presented in the showroom at the front of ANNICK Schmuckdesign, and are made in the small workshop at the back.

The space surrounds the pieces like a treasure chest. The walls are kept in a charcoal grey and in a dark purple; Along one wall runs a narrow strip of glass cases and on the other side sliding glass panels protect jewels mounted directly on the wall. Two sleek black tables provide a space for conversation and allow for a closer look at the pieces.

The interior design by Christoph Bauer from Raumwerk focuses entirely on the jewellery, as the subdued environment directs all attention to the sparkling and luminous jewels.