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The gallery ANNICK, at Kreuzlinger Straße 50 in Konstanz, presents jewellery of the internationally renowned artist Prof. h.c. Michael Zobel. In our own workshop, we mainly produce individual pieces, but also offer repairs and alterations of all kinds.



The tradition of wearing jewellery takes its beginning about 100,000 years ago. In all cultures, on every continent, it seems to be appearing at the same time.

The oldest form of jewellery are probably pendants. We work all our brooches, a much newer form, always also as pendants, and have therefore combined both types.
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We also know necklaces in the form of simple ‘ropes’, e.g. with shells and ostrich egg, even from the early days. Also the chain of real pearls has kept to this day.
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Finger rings, today one of the most popular jewellery forms, are one of the more recent cultural history. From delicate to flat, the ring remains as a flatterer & eye candy, or symbol, always in your own field of vision.
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From the simple plug or ring in the ear, to elaborate earrings, ear jewellery has always been popular with women, regardless of their culture, and an expression of femininity.
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Bracelets, above all in the form of bangles, offer plenty of room for simple geometrical, but also elaborately abstract patterns and designs with gemstones.
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ANNICK Schmuckdesign GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Prof. h.c. Michael Zobel
Kreuzlinger Str. 50
D-78462 Konstanz

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